All FILA Courses are conducted in English

International and interdisciplinary skills

The Faculty of International Liberal Arts at Soka University will develop students’ capabilities to engage in international and interdisciplinary issues. The global issues of today that straddle national boundaries, require the ability to gather, analyze and communicate information in English and across disciplines. English instruction of academic courses will emphasize the four aspects of communication: listening comprehension, speaking, reading comprehension and written expression. Students’ level of proficiency will allow them to engage in interdisciplinary discussions across global themes.

History, Society & Culture

These courses will analyze global issues from historical, social and cultural perspectives by examining how and why issues throughout history have arisen, investigating root causes of social problems

International Relations & Politics

These courses will analyze the current issues faced by countries by examining different nations’ politics, diplomacy and relations with neighboring countries, deepening students’ understanding of current world affairs.

Economics & Business

These courses will examine global developments from a business focus and study issues that confront businesses and organizations in modern times, including an examination of the current and future state of the Japanese and global economy.