Interactive learning delivered with individualized attention

FILA provides a wide range of knowledge in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Students will deepen their expertise through classes and seminars with individualized attention. All lecture courses are interactive and conducted in small groups, consisting of discussion among students, problem-based learning, small group work, etc. FILA also provides opportunities for students to seek the support of Student Assistants in tutorial sessions, especially when students cannot comprehend the contents taught in introductory courses from Year 1 (e.g. English courses and Statistics courses)
From Year 1, dedicated native English teachers train students’ to develop their English skills thoroughly, while offering individualized support for students. Until the completion of Year 2, one FILA full-time faculty member is assigned to every 5 to 6 students as an academic advisor to offer appropriate advice according to the individual needs of each student. Furthermore, all students will take Seminar I and Seminar II as required courses, deepening their knowledge in the fields of study and learning research methods under the instructions of Seminar professors together with Seminar classmates. This small-group support system enables FILA students to benefit from individualized attention for academic study, student life, and career choices.
The interaction with faculty members and other classmates will not only nurture academic competencies but also help students develop their personalities as capable individuals who can contribute globally.