Dean's Message

Professor Ichiro Sugimoto(Dean of Faculty of International Liberal Arts)
The philosophy of the Faculty of International Liberal Arts is to cultivate individuals who possess the intellectual and human capacity to recognize, confront, and boldly challenge the issues facing global and local societies, thereby realizing peace and creating new values—individuals we call "global citizens." To realize this philosophy, in terms of knowledge acquisition, students will learn a wide range of liberal arts education and deepen their expertise in the fields of <history, society, culture>, <politics, international relations>, and <economics, management> using English. Furthermore, to transform this knowledge into the creation of new value, we foster development through small-group education by faculty with diverse international backgrounds, active learning among students with various backgrounds, and mandatory study abroad programs.

Learning in Faculty of International Liberal Arts is never easy. Stepping out of your comfort zone and continuing to challenge yourself may be a series of hardships. However, when your "perception" changes and the "way you see the world" changes through your serious efforts, that insight will become your own invaluable asset that no one can take away. And that experience will surely become the confidence to overcome any situation.

In the present era of significant changes, learning never ends. What is needed at such times is the experience and courage to embrace new knowledge and to draw your own roadmap for learning and acquisition. The founder, Mr Daisaku Ikeda, defined creative individuals as those who create necessary values for society, provide healthy values, or return them to society. Faculty of International Liberal Arts is home to many colleagues who possess such spirit and aspiration. Let us all strive and learn together to build our University!