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  • 《Seminar Activity Vol.1》Ichiro Sugimoto Seminar


《Seminar Activity Vol.1》Ichiro Sugimoto Seminar

Development of Asian Economies

This time, we would like to introduce the Sugimoto seminar, which has a strong connection among students, professor, and graduates.
-What are you studying in the seminar?

Akemi Otsuki (Otsuki) Mainly, we learn theories on the development of Asian economies, combine them with actual data, and analyze the economic situation of each country.

Kazuno Suenaga (Suenaga) It is interesting to learn why countries develop and decline as we analyze the current state of Southeast Asian economies, and in my junior paper to be submitted upon completion of my third year, I plan to use the Input-Output table to calculate and summarize the economic spillover effects of a particular event on a country or region.
-What does motivate you to study?

(Suenaga) I have been motivated by the fact that Prof. Sugimoto always believes in our potential. I was not good at English and thought I would never be able to catch up with the other excellent classmate, but I was inspired by the efforts of the seminar members and the desire to meet the expectations of Prof. Sugimoto, who believed in us, and I was able to persevere.

(Otsuki) In my case, the connection with friends has motivated me. Even if I couldn't see them in person during the pandemic of covid, I actively called my friends. In seminars and on-campus activities, I had opportunities to work in groups, and I was able to make deep connections, encouraging each other.

-Please give a message to prospective students!

(Suenaga) The best thing about the FILA program is that each of us can strive to achieve our dreams. Let's maximize our potential at the FILA, Soka University, and grow together!

(Otsuki) Please give yourself lots of praise. Facing study itself is something that requires a lot of physical and mental strength. University is a place where you can greatly expand your possibilities. It will open up many new worlds that you could never have imagined at the time of enrollment. I sincerely hope you can move on to a place where you can grow and develop.


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