Soka University Comprehensive Courses for Economics Education

Courses in English

Required credits
ECON101 Freshman Seminar 2
ECON113 Principles of Microeconomics 4
ECON114 Principles of Macroeconomics 4
ECON132 Introduction to Financial Accounting 2
ECON152 Introduction to Japanese Economic History 4
ECON223 Introductory Mathematics for Economics I 2
ECON224 Introductory Mathematics for Economics II 2
ECON225 Statistics for Economics and Business I 2
ECON226 Statistics for Economics and Business II 2
ECON201 Advanced Seminar I 2
ECON301 Advanced Seminar II 2
ECON302 Advanced Seminar III 2
Optional credits
ECON313 Intermediate Microeconomics 4
ECON314 Intermediate Macroeconomics 4
ECON334 Principle of Finance 4
ECON336 International Finance 2
ECON347 Economic Issues of Contemporary Japan 2
ECON355 Economic Development of Japan I 2
ECON356 Economic Development of Japan II 2
ECON357 Political Economy of Japan and Asia 2
ECON368 Chinese Economy 2
ECON369 Indian Economy 2
ECON396 Business and Japanese People 2
ECON397 International Bussiness 4
ECON398 Human Resources Management in Japan and Asia 2
ECON399 Socio-economic Development of India 2
ECON401 Advanced Seminar IV 2
ECON402 Graduation Thesis 4
ECON276 World Economy I 2
ECON277 World Economy II 2
ECON278 World Economy A 4
ECON288 World Economy B 4
ECON384 World Economy III 2
ECON385 World Economy IV 2
ECON386 World Economy C 4
ECON387 World Economy D 4
ECON388 World Economy E 4
ECON481 World Economy V 2
ECON482 World Economy VI 2
ECON483 World Economy F 4
ECON484 World Economy G 4
ECON294 International Internship A 4
ECON295 International Internship B 4
General Education
English credits
ECON183 Academic Foundations for Economic Majors I 2
ECON381 Economics Laboratory I 1
ECON382 Economics Laboratory II 1
University credits
GUNI111 Humanistic Education I 2
GUNI122 Soka Education 2
Natural Science credits
GNAT101 Introduction to Mathematics I 2
GNAT102 Introduction to Mathematics II 2
Humanity credits
GJLC118 Japanese Traditional Culture  
Japanese credits
GJLC courses on Japanese language 6
GJLC courses on Japanese language 6
GHUMI171 Japanese Composition I 2