YPHANTIDES Jennifer(Associate Professor)


Specialized field TESOL and Applied Linguistics
Classes English for Academic Purposes, Cross-cultural Understanding, Academic Foundations, Academic Writing, and Freshman Seminar
Research theme Diversity and Inclusion in Foreign Language Education, Neurodiversity, English Medium Instruction Policy and Planning

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Welcome to FILA! While studying in a foreign language can be stressful and overwhelming at times, please try to think of your learning as a process to enjoy slowly, taking things step-by-step. All the professors on staff are here to help you achieve your goal and to support you as you reach your full potential. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us as you pursue your studies.


The main career

Bachelor of Arts in European History and English Literature, McGill University, 1993

Master of Arts in War Studies, King’s College London, 1996

CELTA Certification, Cambridge University, 1996

Master of Arts in TESOL, Columbia University, 2008

Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership, Northeastern University, 2019


Dr. Jennifer Yphantides has been teaching English since 1993 and has worked in her native country of Canada, as well as in Greece, the UK, Korea, Israel, and Japan. She has taught at the tertiary level in the Japanese context for more than a decade and has lectured at Kanda University of International Studies, International Christian University, and Soka University. She served as the Chief Editor of The Language Teacher from 2009-2012, a journal published by the Japanese Association of Language Teachers, and currently serves as a regular reviewer. Her research focuses on diversity and inclusion in education, primarily on neurodiversity in the English Foreign Language classroom. She has delivered award-winning and plenary presentations, locally and internationally, on this topic.


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