Graduated from one of the best universities in the world

    Cintia Kiyomi Shiratori was a student of Soka university from São Paulo, Brazil. She graduated from Soka University’s Faculty of International Liberal Arts as a Valedictorian in 2020, then entered into a prestigious graduate school in the UK. 

    Where did you receive your master’s degree, and how was that?

    In October 2021, I graduated from my Mphil (Master’s in Philosophy) in Education at the University of Cambridge, UK. This one-year masters was very intense and very fulfilling. It enabled me to go out of my comfort zone, network with students from all over the world, and deepen my understanding about the complexities of Knowledge, Power, and Politics. Pursuing this degree in the middle of the pandemic was quite challenging but looking back I can see that it also contributed to forge myself as a global leader.

    How did the FILA program help you achieve this?

    FILA helped me to create the academic and personal foundation that sustains and orients my development until today. Through its interdisciplinary curriculum, I could hone my analytical and critical thinking - key skills that I utilised in my masters’ studies. Beyond that, FILA supported me to discover myself as a global citizen and it empowered me to strive for higher goals and ambitions.

    I never imagined that I would study at the University of Cambridge due to its competitive application process and the fact that I did not know anyone that had ever studied there before. I am confident that it was thanks to FILA, Soka University, my family and friends and the founder Ikeda that I was able to pursue and fulfill this dream.

    What are your future plans?

    In the future, I aim to pursue my PhD in Education in order to learn and produce research that supports societal change through a humanistic approach and that amplifies the voices and experiences from the Global South. In the long-term, my aim is to contribute to youth development around the world, supporting them to discover their potential through education.


    I am eternally grateful to FILA and Soka University for all the learning and support I received when I was student. At FILA I started my journey as a global leader as I learned values and precious lessons from students and faculty from all over the world. I dearly miss my FILA family and hope to meet all of you soon! To the current and future students of FILA, I hope you enjoy to the fullest this brilliant journey of self-discovery, learning, embracing and growth.



      Year graduated from FILA:


      Reading, photography and watching films

      Favorite Book:
      The Unbearable Lightness of Being & Harry Potter

      Favorite Place on Campus:
      Path of Glory (栄光の道)