2023/02/16 09:00

【FILA】Open Day at Soka Univ. on 3/21 (Tue/Holiday)

    Open Day at Soka Univ. in Hachioji, Tokyo on 3/21 (Tue/Holiday)

    On March 21 (Thu/National Holiday), we will be holding an Open Day!
    This Open Day is a valuable opportunity for prospective students to take a good look at the campus facilities and get a real taste of campus life at Soka University. You can also speak to students and faculty members in person. Mock lessons will also be held on the day. We are welcoming you to visit us and become a member of the “FILA Family” for a day!

    Below is how a mock lesson goes:

    1. FILA Introduction (10mins)
    2. Mock lesson "What is International Political Economy?"
    3. Student presentation (10min)

    The details will be announced at a later date.
    The students, faculty and staff of the Faculty of International Liberal Arts are looking forward to seeing you on campus!

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