Dean's Message

In April 2007, the Faculty of Letters set off on a new departure, Soka University Founder Daisaku Ikeda presented three new principles.

1. Be students who respect and uphold the dignity of life.
2. Be global citizens who unite humankind.
3. Be leaders who fight for the victory of humanism.

In the Faculty of Letters, there are various fields such as literature, history, philosophy, ethics, sociology, religious studies, archeology, comparative culture theory, linguistics, communication studies, etc. By learning them, I believe that you must respect the potential of humans, to grow as a leader of humanism who recognizes the different cultures and hope for the happiness of others.

In 2018, the Faculty of Letters divided these disciplines into 9 fields (8 Majors 1 Specialty). Students will learn as much learning as possible from these fields and will be able to take their preferred major and even their research field.

The language also plays an important role in becoming a global citizen. In acquiring the above academic disciplines, please acquire languages such as Chinese, Russian, not limited to just English, by the cultivation of cross-cultural understandings. In order to improve its effectiveness, we prepared double degree courses and opportunities for studying abroad in the letters department. (double degree courses for English and Chinese)