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A Student-Faculty Project for Implementing Humanistic Education

The AKADEMIA Forum is a faculty-student collaborative project in the Department of Humanities that seeks to ask the bigger philosophical questions, seeks to understand contemporary human realities through an anthropological lens while thinking together about ways to create cultures of peace, justice, and egalitarian relations for a common, sustainable future.
The AKADEMIA Forum events are open to students, faculty, staff, and their friends. Just come along and enjoy. The aim is to deepen awareness of social issues and together enrich our debates, thinking, and action. Our aim is to increase young people's involvement in shaping our society and we welcome students who want to get involved with organizing events. We also want to open up new avenues for using art and music in innovative ways to further cultures of peace and human rights.

The AKADEMIA Forum events will take place twice monthly on Fridays, at 18:30 and consist of two types of events:
CINEFORUM: Watch a short film about current social issues, followed by smaller group discussions and an open forum. We hope to engage participants in thinking through the bigger cultural, philosophical, and existential questions underpinning our contemporary world and explore together ways to address them (led by Anne Mette Fisker-Nielsen). The event will end with a musical performance.
· 21st April, Friday: How Your Attention is Stolen
· 26th May, Friday: Happy Animals, Happy Humans, Saving our Planet
· 23rd June, Friday: Cultures of Human Dignity and Equality
ARTIVISM: A workshop with visual/performative art. The workshops will engage participants and raise awareness through art and music on a social issue, led by students. Each workshop will be an opportunity for students to either present an artwork or performance or use the space to lead or follow up on ideas toward a better future.
· Link with issues raised in the short films
· Invite people to bring their talent + ideas
· Schedule for workshops:
o 12th May, Friday
o 9th June, Friday
o 7th July, Friday

The AKADEMIA SYMPOSIUM 2023: Rethinking Gender, Changing Our World
Selected participants are invited to present their ideas/papers at the AKADEMIA Symposium. Held on Saturday 8th July. Please submit proposals for papers by June 15 to Anne Mette Fisker-Nielsen,