Language Proficiency Skills
The Faculty of Letters offers double degrees in which students can obtain degrees from two universities during the four years of study. Students can also participate in the Humanities in English Program (HEP) in which such courses as literature and peace studies are conducted in English. Through these courses and other programs, students can develop various language skills including English, Chinese and Russian and gain cross-cultural understanding in the context of globalization.
Students can choose their field of study including literature, philosophy, sociology, linguistics and social welfare. Through active learning, students will cultivate their expertise and develop their skills to identify and resolve issues in society. These will materialize in their B.A. theses.
Interdisciplinary Knowledge
In the Faculty of Letters, students can enroll in several majors. If certain credits are acquired in other majors, this will be certified in their academic transcript. This flexible system enables students to cultivate knowledge in meeting the needs of the times.
Career Development
With a unique range of programs, the Faculty of Letters places an emphasis on career development education that will offer students specialized knowledge as well as the ability to identify and resolve problems, which will enable them to realize their own life design.