Speaking Test Preparation Center

Practice for the speaking section of TOEFL iBT and IELTS!

Speaking Test Preparation Center is a program where students can practice the speaking part of the TOEFL iBT and IELTS tests. Instructors will give feedback and tips for overall improvement in preparation for the test. Students can get advice on areas such as note-taking, organization of thoughts, and planning speeches.
*Reservations are required to participate.


Operating hours Monday~Friday 10:50~18:05
*Day and time may vary each semester. Please refer to the digital flyers and PLAS.
Participants 1 student per table 
Duration 25 minutes per session 
(10:50-/11:35-), (13:10-/13:55-), (14:55-/15:40-), (16:40-/17:25-)
How to attend Reservation required (Portal site)

User's Voice

During the summer of my 2nd year, I realized my lack of ability to logically compose sentences in English, and I was not confident in my listening skills. Because of this, I went to the Speaking Center sessions 4 days a week in the fall semester. It was challenging to balance time between my classes and my part-time job. However, with 20-minute long sessions and with staff that gave advice with enthusiasm, I could improve my TOEFL-iBT speaking score!
I also met staff members around the campus, which gave me more opportunities to speak English daily and expand my network of contacts.
In the future, I will actively express my thoughts in classes and use the English skills I have cultivated at the Speaking Center!

Program Reservation

To make a reservation, log in to the Portal site (PLAS), then click Personal > Links > WLC Reservation System (under WLC Services).