Speaking Test Preparation Center

Practice for speaking section of TOEFL iBT and IELTS.
The Speaking Test Preparation Center is a place you can practice and get advice for IELTS and both independent and integrated iBT speaking tasks. Students will receive feedback from the instructors on how good the speech was and advice on planning speeches, taking notes, and organizing ideas.

This program is recommended for students in TOEFL Advanced, TOEFL Upper-Intermediate, Dual Degree program classes. Open hours are Monday to Friday. Sessions are 20 minutes each. Please make an online reservation from the PLAS website.
Open Time Monday~Friday 10:45-18:05
Duration 20 minutes per session
How to participate Online reservation or waiting list sign-up needed

Program Online Reservation

To make a reservation, log in to the Portal site (PLAS), then click ツールリンク集. From there, click 【WLCサービス予約】under 【WLCサービス】and choose the program you want to join. Reservations are available up to 60 minutes before the session staring time. New reservations open 14 days before the session date.