Writing Center

The Writing Center is an in house tutoring system operated by the WLC to help students develop writing techniques with the goal of becoming autonomous writers. During sessions at the Writing Center, trained tutors help students understand the process of English academic writing and the problems associated with it.
Open Time Monday~Friday 13:05-18:05
Participants 1 student per table
Duration 30 minutes per person
How to participate Online reservation or waiting list sign-up needed


I used the Writing Center to have the essays I turned in for English class checked and corrected. I asked questions about the words and phrases I didn’t understand and was able to get advice from the Writing Center staff on how to make my essays much more high in quality. Furthermore, every time I went to the Writing Center, I was able to practice on how to write sentences that are easy for the readers to understand. I would like to highly recommend the Writing Center for everyone to brush up their writing skills and a place to interact with International students.

Aoi Kagaya

Program Online Reservation

To reserve for each program, log in on the Portal site (PLAS), then click ツールリンク集. Choose the program you want to reserve and make a reservation. Reservations are available until 9 am of the actual day. No reservations are needed for the Global Village.