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  • “50 years of Soka University” completed, digital version available to students and faculty staff

『創価大学 50年の歴史』A4判・カラー・328ページ


“50 years of Soka University” completed, digital version available to students and faculty staff

As a commemorative publication for the founding 50th anniversary of Soka University, the “50 years of Soka University” was published on the anniversary of the founding of the university, April 2, 2021. It records and conveys the 50-year history of Soka University with its founder, Dr Daisaku Ikeda, and has a compilation of testimonies and publications collected by the institute to date. In 2008, the compilation committee was created, and a full-scale collection of materials and writing of the manuscript led by the institute began in 2016. It has now been completed on the year of the 50th anniversary.

The book opens with a commemorative message from the Founder. On April 2, the digital version was made available to students and faculty staff. Current students and faculty staff can access the link below for the digital version. The physical copy is also available at the Central Library. The English-translated commemorative message from the Founder is available on the homepage.
Content and Structure in “50 Years of Soka University”
In the first chapter, it was themed “Founding Spirit of Soka University and the current campus”, featuring dialogue with the first batch of graduates – Chairman Mr. Tashiro and former Soka University President Baba. In Chapters 2 and 3, the biographies and educational concepts of Mr. Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, the originator of Soka Education, and Mr. Josei Toda were featured, including the founder’s biography from his childhood to teenage period, and the history of Soka University in the pre-opening stage were featured. From Chapter 4 onwards, the chapters summarise the development over the past 10 years, with categories such as “Education and Research”, “Student and Alumni activities”, “International Exchange”, and Campus Development”. Chapter 9 features the history of Soka Women’s College since its founding, and Chapter 10 writes the future vision for the university from 2021, which is the start of the grand design beyond the founding 50th anniversary.

On the cover page, the words “Soka University” inscribed by the founder were printed. The bright blue color on the cover page symbolizes the university, and many of the pictures featured in the book were taken by Soka University’s Photography Club, including photos taken by the Founder.
“50 years of Soka University” Chapters
Chapter 1 Founding Spirit of Soka University and Current Campus
Chapter 2 The Origin of Soka Education – Succession of Tsunesaburo Makiguchi and Josei Toda’s spirit
Chapter 3 Daisaku Ikeda and the founding of Soka University
Chapter 4 1971 to 1980
Chapter 5 1981 to 1990
Chapter 6 1991 to 2000
Chapter 7 2001 to 2010
Chapter 8 2011 to 2020
Chapter 9 Soka Women’s College
Chapter 10 Soka University beyond its founding 50th anniversary