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  • Three programs related to Soka Education were held during Open Campus


Three programs related to Soka Education were held during Open Campus

At the Open Campus held on May 3 and 4, "Soka Education Workshop" organized by researchers from the institute and "Introducing Soka University’s History" by Soka University students were launched as part of a new initiative. Also, in continuation from March, the 50th Anniversary Special Exhibition Tour in the Central Tower was conducted by students and was scheduled 5 times on each of the days. There were many visitors from all over Japan who attended the 3 programs on Soka Education held over the two days.


Soka Education Workshop

The workshop was for high school students, and after watching short clips of speeches by the Founder, the participants had discussions with Soka University students and other high school students who were participating. Through this discussion they were able to deepen their understanding of the significance of studying at Soka University. The workshop was led by Dr. Tetsuko Watanabe on May 3, and Dr. Takahiro Sakaguchi on May 4.


Introducing Soka University’s History
Participants were asked to choose from a list of 18 stories about the history of Soka University. Each of the stories was shared by current students, introducing various episodes through precious photos of the initial days, further trying to understand the heart of the Founder together. More than 80 people participated over the two days.


50th Anniversary Special Exhibition Tour

Through the commemorative exhibition in the Central Tower, current students introduced the history of Soka University from the time of its planning and establishment by Daisaku Ikeda, up until the present time, as well as the student activities, and the lives of the three leaders of Soka Education. More than 120 people visited the exhibition over the two days.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who participated in the Open Campus.