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  • 2020 SUN Soka Univ. News – Provision of materials to Kaiso Photo Gallery


2020 SUN Soka Univ. News – Provision of materials to Kaiso Photo Gallery

The Kaiso Photo Gallery started as a back-cover project from Issue 101 of Soka University’s Public Relations magazine, SUN Soka Univ. NewsFollowing the publication of SUN Issues 101 and 102 last year, the institute provided materials for this year’s SUN Issues 104, 105, and 107.

The Kaiso Photo Gallery is a project page to look back at Soka University’s history through nostalgic photographs and essays as we commemorate the founding 50th anniversary.
IRISE has provided several photographs printed on SUN Issue 107 which was published in October 2020 - Opening Ceremony of the Main Gate in 1976, SUN Issue 105 on Opening of the Central Library in 1978, and SUN Issue 104 on 1st Soka Alumni General Meeting. All photographs were taken by Soka University Photography Club, symbolizing the pioneering period and the essays describe the scenes surrounding the places.

SUN Issue 107 Main Gate

In SUN Issue 107, a photograph of “Main Gate in 1976”, in which the main gate was then recently unveiled was introduced. On April 10, 1976, after the 6th Soka University Entrance Ceremony, the unveiling ceremony of the main gate was held in attendance of the founder.
With the attendance of the founder, the first batch of international students from China, student representatives of the 6th batch, and Soka Gakuen (Soka Junior and Senior High School) participated in the unveiling ceremony of the monument inscribed with the calligraphy of “Soka University” written by Tsunesaburo Makiguchi. Following the energetic march of the parade team to commemorate the opening of the main gate, the participants and founder walked through the gate for the first time.

SUN Issue 105 Central Library

In SUN Issue 105, a photo of the Central Library was introduced. The groundbreaking ceremony of the Central Library was held on April 10, 1977, and its construction was completed the following year in March 1978. The founder inspected the interior after its completion and attended the celebration party for the completion of the Central Library. The opening ceremony of the Central Library was held on March 17, one day before the 4th Graduation Ceremony due to the strong desire of the fourth batch students in wanting to present a clock to the Central Library. In the picture showing the entrance of the Central Library, the words “Congratulations on the opening of the Central Library” can be seen written on the noticeboard. There were only three floors built when the library first opened, and it expanded to the fourth floor in April 1996.

SUN Issue 104 1st Soka Alumni General Meeting

In SUN Issue 104, a photo of the 1st Soka Alumni Group General Meeting was featured.
The Soka Alumni Group was proposed by the founder and created on the same day as the 1st Graduation Ceremony of Soka University on March 22, 1975. Two days later, the Soka Alumni Group presented books to the Central Library.
On November 2, 1975, the 1st Soka Alumni Group General Meeting was held, and on the same day, the unveiling ceremony of the monument of “The Vow of the Pioneers” was held at the Garden of Peace (heiwa-no-niwa).
This monument was placed to commemorate the day of the 4th Entrance Ceremony, where the first batch of Soka University students who were expected to graduate in spring took a commemorative picture with the founder. The monument was named “The Vow of the Pioneers”, as the students made a vow that they must respond to the founder’s expectations when he gave them encouragement and guidance about working after graduation. The founder then proposed to put it as a monument.
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