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  • IRISE provided materials for the newly launched course – Ikeda Research in China

Assistant Professor Yang Weifang from Tianjin University


IRISE provided materials for the newly launched course – Ikeda Research in China

The institute provided materials and resources for the new special lecture course, “Ikeda Research in China”, which has been offered as an interdisciplinary course from April 6 this year.

Today, a number of universities in China have established research institutions to study the founder’s philosophy. In this class coordinated by Vice President Tanaka Ryohei, it is offered in interdisciplinary courses under the “Global Citizenship Education Category,” and weekly classes will be held by researchers from different universities in China, discussing Ikeda’s philosophy. The classes will be held live and researchers will give presentations and lectures while in China. This is the first time since the opening of the university for classes to be conducted in this format.

The institute has provided related materials, and one of the staff from the IRISE office introduced trends of the increasing number of research institutions in China. In the first class, Assistant Professor Yang Weifang of Tianjin University, who is currently on a research trip at Soka University, delivered a speech about her research.

In her speech, she concluded, “Japan-China Friendship and world peace. This is the long-cherished wish of ex-Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai and Daisaku Ikeda. This is also the wish of the people of Japan and China. As a youth, we are the protagonists of today’s world, and we will surely fulfill this wish.”


“Ikeda Research in China” Class Syllabus

1st class: Assistant Professor Yang Weifang, Tianjin University
2nd class: Associate Professor Tao Jin, Dalian Maritime University
3rd class: Soka University Beijing Office (Topic: Founder’s Exchange with China)
4th class: Professor Ji Yaguang, Nankai university
5th class: Professor Wei Lixin, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and Foreign Trade
6th class: Professor Cong Xiaobo, Soka University Ikeda Research Institute for Soka Education (IRISE)
7th class: Professor Tan Guilin, Hunan University
8th class: Professor Cui Xuesen, Dalian University of Foreign Studies
9th class: Associate Professor Jia Kai, Peking University
10th class: Professor Gao Yimin, Peking Normal University
11th class: Professor Liu Aijun, Dalian University of Technology
12th class: Professor Takahashi Tsuyoshi, Soka University, Director of the Graduate School of Letters
13th class: Professor Hu Lingyuan, Fudan University
14th class: Associate Professor Zhang Changyu, People’s University of China
15th class: Conclusion