IRISE faculty member presented at the Daisaku Ikeda Educational Philosophy and Japan-China Friendship Exchange Forum

Date 16 December 2022
Co-Organizers Xi’an PeiHua University (China), Soka University
50th Anniversary of the Normalization of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and China
12th Anniversary of the establishment of the Daisaku Ikeda and Kaneko Ikeda Research Center at Xi’an Peihua University

On December 16, 2022, the Daisaku Ikeda Educational Philosophy and Japan-China Friendship and Exchange Forum co-hosted by Xi'an PeiHua University in China and Soka University was held online. Professor Cong Xiaobo, a professor of IRISE, gave a presentation on the characteristics of the founder's educational philosophy under the title of "The Practice of Daisaku Ikeda's Educational Ideology.”


The forum was held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China, and the 12th anniversary of the establishment of the Daisaku Ikeda and Kaneko Ikeda Research Center at the Xi'an PeiHua University, attended by about 30 researchers from both countries. Xi'an PeiHua University President Jiang Bo and Soka University President Masashi Suzuki spoke of the two institutions' commitment to further educational exchange and human resource development to perpetuate the friendly relationship between the two countries.

This was followed by presentations from five researchers, including the keynote speaker.

In his keynote speech, titled "The Formation of the Daisaku Ikeda and Kaneko Ikeda Research Center at Shaanxi Normal University," Dr. Bai Gen Xing, Director of the Center, spoke about the reasons and background of the development of Ikeda's thought research in China and explained that the founder's thought, which has always been an accurate advocate for global issues, has come to have a great influence on Chinese society. An increasing number of researchers are interested in applying the significance of the founder's philosophy to their daily lives, which emphasizes on exchange and dialogue, for the domestic development and educational enrichment in China.

In her presentation entitled "Daisaku Ikeda's Educational Thoughts and Practice", Professor Cong Xiaobo of IRISE explained that the foundation of the founder's educational philosophy is "humanistic education," an education that emphasizes the three qualities of a person - a creative person, a sociable person, and a person with spirit and personality (a happy person). Its characteristics include "value-creating education", "education for global citizenship," and "education for the happiness of a person," each of which supports "humanistic education" from three aspects: the logic of action, the characteristics of personality, and the state of life. Furthermore, she stated that the characteristics of this philosophy encompass systematics, comprehensiveness, historicity, culture, and practicality, which are condensed in the founding spirit and practice of Soka University.


In addition, two researchers currently on exchange at Soka University and Professor Ma Shumo, Director of the center at the Xi'an PeiHua University, also presented at the forum. A video of the opening ceremony of the China-Japan Hard and Soft Stroke Calligraphy Exhibition was also screened at the event.

Xiao Ke: Characteristics and Contributions of Daisaku Ikeda’s Thoughts on Living a Moral Life" (Professor, Northeast Normal University, China)

Tan Hao: Sharing the Historical Significance of Japanese Studies in China (Associate Professor, Tianjin University)

Ma Shu Mao: Dunhuang and Daisaku Ikeda: My connection with Xi'an Peihua University (Xi'an Peihua University, Director of the Daisaku Ikeda and Kaneko Ikeda Research Center)


Lastly, Professor Ma Shu Mao of Xi'an PeiHua University said that in Xi'an, China, Shaanxi Normal University and Xi'an PeiHua University have established the Ikeda Research Institute, both of which introduce the wife of founder Ikeda and women's education in the "Daisaku Ikeda and Kaneko Ikeda Research Center". Both universities will continue to cooperate in research, private and educational exchange in the future.