Support the Institute

Ikeda Research Institute for Soka Education (IRISE) takes a strong interest in collecting the following resources and documents. We would like to collect the following:

1) Resources related to the Founder
     Examples: commemorative items, handwriting, photos, memos, videos, voice recordings, etc.

2) Resources created by students
(Pamphlets, newspapers, flyers, commemorative items, project proposals)
     Examples: Items used for student activities including those related to the Student Union, Students’ Association, clubs, seminars, Soka University Festival, dorm festivals, sports festivals etc.
     Examples: photos, cassette tapes, videos, 8- or 16-millimeter films, sound recordings, etc. that capture University events, campus scenery, or students

3) Resources related to the history of Soka University
     Examples: Resources deemed important as materials related to the foundation or initial phase of the University (including those related to the Foundation for the Establishment of Soka University)
Printed materials issued by the University (application guidelines, procedural documents, posters, etc.)

If you would like to contribute but the items are not listed above, please contact us below. All items received will be sorted and used as the university's archive.
Thank you for your cooperation.


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