Professor Cong’s paper was published in the Contemporary Philosophy magazine


An academic paper written by IRISE’s professor was published in a leading Chinese journal and article website

The paper “Drawing out Daisaku Ikeda’s philosophy on happiness – discussing the true nature of happiness”, written by Professor Cong Xiaobo, a professor of the Institute, was published in the leading Chinese journal – Contemporary Philosophy No. 172 (September issue). The article has also been featured on the local article website, the East Asia Review (Chinese).

Contemporary Philosophy is an academic journal mainly edited by the Guangdong Philosophical Society and is recognized as a source of the Chinese Social Sciences Index (CSSCI) in China as well as a core journal of the Chinese humanities and social sciences. In addition, it serves as a national core journal and is funded by the State Ministry of Education for the construction of key research bases in the humanities and social science field, with a renowned and prestigious reputation. This is the first time that a paper written on Daisaku Ikeda’s philosophy was featured in the Journal of Contemporary Philosophy.

The article site East Asia Review that has featured the paper is the humanities and social sciences academic paper platform of the online media outlet – Penzhou News, which focuses on East Asian studies with prominent scholars and experts from the country invited to serve on the editorial board.

The academic evaluation of Professor Cong ‘s 17,000-word research paper on Ikeda’s thoughts and philosophy that was published and reprinted is significant.
In the paper, Professor Cong states, “Daisaku Ikeda’s philosophy of happiness consists of four interrelated themes: philosophy, psychological orientation, social ideology, and ethical spirit. It has important revelations for the modern interpretation of the essence of happiness, based on the principles of peace, culture, and education.”
In addition, in July this year, the Japanese Studies Collection published by the Japanese Studies Centre at Fudan University published an article by Professor Cong Xiaobo at the 10th International Academic Symposium on Daisaku Ikeda’s philosophy entitled “Looking at the three aspects of Daisaku Ikeda’s philosophy on happiness through the state of mind of the era”.