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  • 留学日記(春季研修インド・セントスティーブンスカレッジ 2019年2月21日)

2019年02月21日 10時34分

留学日記(春季研修インド・セントスティーブンスカレッジ 2019年2月21日)

I was very interested in this lecture as it shows detailed definition or meanings of terms used in just three words ‘Modern Indian Literature’ with many linguistic terms. As I am fond of linguistics and its relationships with other subjects, I liked the contents very much. I have many things to write, but I will just abbreviate as it may be a complete essay. After the class, we had some talks with students of the college and Ayumi Sano, a TV drama producer who came here today. There was a small, very cute dog. All the dog I have seen was very big and scary, so I soon became enthusiastic for his movement. He played with students, walked around the aisle and was jumping with children there with the sounds of birds we got from somewhere above us. I have forgotten to mention, but this college is full of nature. It is not like an ‘artificial’ nature neatly kept by people, it seems to be like just a consequence of natural lives doing what they want to do. Dogs are lying on the ground, birds are singing in trees and monkeys are technically jumping over the fences. Students are not bothered by them, rather they are enjoying their actions. It gives me a sense of unity of human beings and the nature around us. Tomorrow we are going to also have and interesting lecture, so I would like to get ready for it.

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