• The University's announcements regarding prevention of the Novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak (Updated May 1, 2020)


The University's announcements regarding prevention of the Novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak (Updated May 1, 2020)

    * The following information, (as of May 1, 2020). regarding the implementation of online classes for the 2020 spring semester has been added to "1. For incoming students and current students"

    This page is a collection of announcements regarding the novel coronavirus.


    1. For incoming students and current students (Updated May 1, 2020)

    1.2 For incoming students and current students (update April 8, 2020)

    The start of online classes (Some of the classes)  will be held as scheduled from Monday, April 11th. Even though the university will close all facilities due to the Japanese Government announcing a "state of emergency" from Monday, April 13th to Wednesday, May 6th, the online classes will be held. Please register for your classes through the student portal site. 

    To protect yourself and others, please follow the rules down below. 
    ・stay home (unless for necessary needs)
    ・avoid poorly ventilated rooms, areas where a large number of people gather, close conversations with others
    ・social distancing
    ・wear a mask and wash your hands frequently

    2. 【For students, faculty and staff】Notice regarding the Novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

    3. Regarding the cancellation of university events

    4. To all companies

    Due to the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the physical checkup originally scheduled to be held at the beginning of April has been postponed (the rescheduled has not been confirmed) and the submission of the documents will not be possible at this time. To all companies requiring the official documents for the physical checkup, we as for your kind understanding and cooperation. 

    5. Regarding university operations and campus facilities

    6. Contact list

    Soka University
    ・Soka University Representative (for questions related to Soka University)
    Phone: +81-42-691-2211 Email: s1212@soka.ac.jp

    ・International Affairs Office (for international student needs)
    Phone: +81-42-691-8230  Email: intloff@soka.ac.jp 

    ・Academic Affairs Office (for undergraduate international students regarding classes)
    Phone: +81-42-691-2203 Email: s5454@soka.ac.jp

    ・Faculty Affairs Office (for international graduate students)
    Phone: +81-42-691-8232 Email: gsoffice@soka.ac.jp

    ・Faculty Affairs Office (for students of the graduate school of science and engineering)
    Phone: +81-42-691-9400 Email: s5000@soka.ac.jp