LENZ Hartmut(Professor)


Specialized field International Relations, Global Governance, Game Theory
Classes International Bargaining – Rationality and Choice, Great Power Politics in the World, Principles of International Relations, Seminar I-III, Capstone, Theory of European Integration
Research theme Regional Integration, Conflict and Cooperation, Bargaining Theory, Global Governance, Game Theory and Research Methods

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Hartmut Lenz joined Soka University in 2014 and currently holds the position of Professor of International Relations.  Previously he has been a lecturer at the London School of Economics, a John F. Kennedy Fellow at Harvard University and a Nuffield Fellow at Oxford University.

His current research includes two main projects: "Domestic Constraints on Bargaining on the Intergovernmental Treaty Negotiations", which examines the impact of public opinion on intergovernmental negotiations, and a second project on "Effective Multilateralism and Regional Cooperation", which compares the impact of institutional structures on efficiency and conflict in regional cooperation.

Recent publications include articles in World Affairs, Review of International Organizations, European Union Politics and Politics & Policy.

Hartmut Lenz has won several major research grants including a Grant-in-Aid Kakenhi (C) grant (2019-23), Leverhulme grant - LSE (2011-14), Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Scholarship, 2005–07


The main career

Academic Positions:

SOKA UNIVERSITY (2016–DATE) Professor of International Relations, Graduate School of International Peace Studies (SIPS) & FILA

SOKA UNIVERSITY (2014–2016) Associate Professor, Faculty of International Liberal Arts (FILA)

LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS (2010–2014) University Lecturer & Leverhulme Prize Fellow, European Institute.

HARVARD UNIVERSITY (2009–10) John F. Kennedy Fellow, The Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies.

UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD (2006–09) Fellow of Nuffield College and Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Politics & International Relations.

UNIVERSITY OF ESSEX (2005–06) Senior Research Officer, Conducting research within the DOSEI research project.


Ph.D. in Political Science, UNIVERSITY OF ESSEX, 2009

Graduate Student, HARVARD UNIVERSITY, 2005
M.A. in International Relations and History, UNIVERSITY OF KONSTANZ, 2005
B.A. in Political Science and History, UNIVERSITY OF TÜBINGEN, 2003


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