YOSHIE Hirokazu(Lecturer )


Specialized field History
Classes Principles of History; Modern World History; Cold War and Decolonisation in History; International History of Imperialism
Research theme Monarchy and public education in modern history of Japan

Application for coverage

Message to students

Hello! My name is Hirokazu Yoshie and I offer courses on history at FILA. In my classes you will be liberated from the widely held view that history is accumulation of facts about the past and that all you need as a student is to parrot what history teachers and textbooks say, as you perhaps did in your history classes in high school and before. Parroting facts is not what history is all about. History as I see it is evidence-based expression and discussion of ways of interpreting the past. In my courses you will be learning and practicing this version of history. The knowledge and skills you gain here can help you be engaged with other FILA courses and life outside and after college.

The main career

2010 BA in Liberal Arts, Sophia University
2014 MA in History and East Asian Languages, Harvard University
2017 PhD in History and East Asian Languages, Harvard University
2017-2019 Assistant Professor, International Research Center for Japanese Studies


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