MACDONALD Laurence(Professor)


Specialized field Social Policy, Education and Development, English Language Education, Educational Sociology
Classes Cross-cultural Understanding, Education for Sustainable Development, Global Issues in Social Policy, Seminar I, Seminar II, Seminar III, Capstone
Research theme Education Policy and Practice, Higher Education in Japan, English-medium instruction

Application for coverage

Detail of researcher information

Message to students

Welcome to the Faculty of International Liberal Arts (FILA) at Soka University. Based on 25 years of experience in education in Japan and the United States, I hope to bring a comparative approach to the FILA program, focusing on my field of inquiry in education and sociology. We welcome all students who are ready to meet the challenge of this demanding yet exciting English-only program. We look forward to seeing you at Soka University.

The main career

Ph. D in Education Policy and Leadership, University of Maryland, 2006
I have been involved in U.S.-Japan-related education development and exchange for the past 25 years.


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