DAUGHERTY Malcolm(Lecturer)


Specialized field Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (TESOL)
Classes English for Academic Purposes, Academic Foundations, Cross-cultural Understanding, Academic Writing I, Academic Writing II, Academic Writing III
Research theme Testing and assessment systems, curriculum development, self-access language learning, learner autonomy, content-based language instruction, ESP/EAP, project-based learning, materials development and science/technical writing

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Message to students

Welcome to the Faculty of International Liberal Arts! We plan to challenge you to dig deeper, reach higher, and aim farther than you have thought possible. We will support and guide you on your journey to realizing your fullest potential. We ask that you come with an eager heart, an open mind, and an indomitable spirit ready to take up this challenge and succeed in ataining your goals. You will work hard, but hard work brings great rewards!

The main career

Master of Arts—Second and Foreign Language Education with a concentration in TESOL—Soka University of America, 2001
Bachelor of Sciences—Mass Communications--Radio and Television, Oklahoma Christian University, 1988
Associate of Arts—Liberal Arts—Ohio Valley College, 1986

I began my teaching career as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture. I taught there for 11 years and then moved to Chofu, Tokyo for another year before returning to California to pursue my Master's degree at Soka University of America. Upon finishing my Master's degree, I began working at Soka University, Tokyo as a Lecturer with the World Language Center and the Faculty of Letters Graduate School, International Language Education.


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