KITANO Teruaki(Professor)


Specialized field Geometry
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Complex-variable Functions
Mathematical Programming
Introduction to Geometry
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Special lectures on Geometry
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Information mathematical science II
Selected Topics on Mathematical Information System Theory
Advanced Research of Mathematical Information System Theory
Advanced Course of Information Systems
Advanced Study of Information Systems
Independent Study IV
Research theme topological invariants of 3-manifolds

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Information Systems Science of Graduate school of engineering

  • Disciplinary Topology
    Research Theme Reisemeister torsion of a 3-manifold for SL(2;C)-representations
    Publications (1)H. GODA, T. KITANO and T. MORIFUJI; Reidemeister torsion, twisted Alexander polynomial and fibered knots, Comment. Math. Helv. 80(2005), 51--61.

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    Membership of Academic Societies Mathematical Society of Japan