TAKAHASHI Tsuyoshi(Professor)


Specialized field Area studies
Classes Invitation to World literature
Human education and Soka University
Human education and Human understanding
Academicl Skills Practical
Seminar 1
Seminar 2
Seminar 3
Seminar 4
Research for Graduation Thesis 1
Research for Graduation Thesis 2
Invitation to World literature
Cross-Cultural Communication
Guidance for Chinese Linguistics 1
Guidance for Chinese Linguistics 2
Introduction Chinese Society & Culture 1
Introduction Chinese Society & Culture 2
Intermediate Readings in Chinese 1
Chinese Society & Culture 1
Chinese Society & Culture 2
Chinese Communication Advanced 1
Chinese-Japanese translation A
Chinese-Japanese translation B
Advanced Studies in Asian Societies I
Advanced Studies in Asian Societies II
Seminar in Sociology I a
Seminar in Sociology II a
Seminar in Sociology III a
Seminar in Sociology IV a
Specialized Studies in Chinese Cultures I
Specialized Studies in Chinese Cultures II
Research theme Exchange between Mcau and Japan

Application for coverage

Detail of researcher information