Counseling Center

Soka University’s Student Counseling Center is open to all students to discuss the concerns and difficulties they may have encountered during their study at Soka. While such problems and anxieties regarding your life, family, friends, personality, studies, continued education, club activities, and financial duress are a natural part of youthhood, the center is there to assist you and support a more interesting and fulfilling college life.

How to use the Counseling Center

The center is not limited to students with serious troubles. Located on the first floor of the GLOBAL SQUARE, our center is open to all students at all times, while our counselors are prepared to discuss any matter, major or minor. While we accept walk-ins, students who have made an appointment will be served first; if you have an urgent need to talk to someone, please call or send an email to book an appointment ahead of time.

Phone Number: 042-691-8226
Mail Address:
Hours of Operation: weekdays Monday〜Friday 10:00〜11:30 12:30〜16:30
Available Time Slots: ① 10:40〜11:30 ②12:40〜13:30 ③13:40〜14:30 ④ 14:40〜15:30 ⑤15:40〜16:30
※Counseling service in English is available on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
Consultation Content
About yourself
・we want to know your personality
・we want to think about ways to deal with weaknesses. etc

Relationships with others
・building good relationships with others
・romance troubles
・family troubles. etc

Mental and physical health
・no motivation
・not being able to sleep well. loss of appetite
・daily rhythm out of sync. etc  

Schoolwork and career
・about classes and schoolwork
・thinking about taking a break from school, withdrawal from school, changing faculties
・anxiety of study abroad
・undecided future. etc

Student life
・not being able to get used to living alone
・problems with club activities and circles
・sales solicitation, troubles such as stalkers
・about sexual harassment and academic harassment. etc

※We also provide counseling for various psychological issues, developmental stumbling blocks, and issues other than the above contents, and other psychological assistance services. We also accept consultations from parents regarding students.

About confidentiality

As a general rule, we do not talk to other people about the details of the consultation without the permission of the consultant. However, we may take appropriate action if we determine that there is a serious issue related to your health/body.
Counseling Center
Hours of Operation
Weekdays: Monday-Friday, 10 am~11:30 am; 12:30 pm~4:30 pm
Time Slots: ①10:40 am~11:30 pm, ②12:40 pm~1:30 pm, ③1:40 pm~2:30 pm, ④2:40 pm~3:30 pm, ⑤3:40 pm~4:30 pm
Mail Address:
※Counseling service in English is available on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday