Health Center

The following services are available at the university Health Center:

Initial Treatment

When seeking medical attention from our Health Center physician, present your student ID. While you will not be charged for medical insurance or the cost of treatment, the center can only treat a certain range of ailments. Should your illness require a specialist or treatment that is unavailable at the university, we will refer you to a medical institution for consultations and/or treatment.

First Aid

The Health Center is equipped to deal with students who are injured or suddenly feel unwell. Beds are available for those stricken by a range of less serious illnesses, from nausea to fever and cramps.

Health Consultation

Our center provides counseling services for those concerned with either their physical or mental health.

Women’s Outpatient Clinic

For women students who prefer to be treated for gynecological and other ailments, a woman physician is available. An appointment is generally necessary unless the patient load happens to be light on the day of your visit.

Department of Mental and Emotional Health

Please contact the center if you or a fellow student you know is suffering from sleeplessness, fatigue or general emotional distress. Specialists are available for consultation by appointment.

Referral to Other Medical Institutions

Should you require long-term care for a chronic illness, our center will refer you to a general hospital or specialized medical institution for consultations and/or treatment.

Annual Health Examinations

Certificate of Health Examination

Information related to the issuing of health examination certificates will be posted here.


We loan out first-aid kits (pharmaceutical products are not included) and provide pamphlets on health information. The center also has a calibration section that students can use at their convenience.

Please do not hesitate to contact our center for any concerns you may have regarding your health and well-being.
Hours of Operation
●Examination Hours
●Nurse Availability