Commemorative page to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Soka University Student Song was launched!

This year (2022) marks the 50th anniversary of the student song, which was first announced at the Soka University Festival held in the autumn of 1972, during the second year of the university's opening. To celebrate our 50th anniversary, a commemorative page introducing the history and significance of the student song was launched.

There are photographs of students from different generations singing the student song and an entry page to submit your thoughts and memories of the student song.
Please take a look at the commemorative page below.


The creation of the student song:
  Introducing the history of how the song was created
Speeches from the founder: Speeches and writings by the founder
About the songwriter:
  Introducing materials contributed by the lyricist
Significance of the song by President:
  Introducing President Suzuki’s explanation of the song
Soka students and the student song:
  Introducing photos of students from different generations singing the student song, and a mural created by the Art Club
Entry submission:
  Introducing episodes and memories of the student song submitted by current students and alumni