Faculty of International Liberal Arts

Admission Policy

The Faculty of International Liberal Arts will develop and educate global leaders with interdisciplinary perspectives and cross-cultural capabilities that will contribute to the prosperity of nations. FILA is recruiting prospective students who embrace the founding principles of Soka University and demonstrate the capacity to:
  1. Learn concepts and theories in social science and humanities across the areas of history, sociology, culture, political science, international relations, economics, and/or business administration;
  2. Develop interdisciplinary insight on global issues by comparing, integrating and synthesizing different perspectives;
  3. Develop English language proficiency and cross-cultural communications skills for deliberating and negotiating locally, nationally and internationally; and
  4. Develop as global leaders committed to contributing to the growth and prosperity of nations.

Curriculum Policy

The Faculty of International Liberal Arts is designed to develop five primary competencies:

1. Academic knowledge across disciplines that allows for analysis, synthesis and understanding of complex problems and issues

  • Students will select from one of three primary fields of study - History and Culture, Politics and International Relations, Economics and Business. All subjects will be taught in English.
  • To gain an interdisciplinary perspective, students will also take courses from the other fields of study.
  • Students will explore a specialized area of study with more depth during Seminars I, II and III, offered the fifth through seventh semesters. Small student-faculty ratio will provide students an opportunity for greater dialogue, discussion and examination of an area of specialty.

2. Academic English skills to employ in a global capacity

  • Students in the Faculty of International Liberal Arts will study abroad at one of four partner universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, and/or Australia during the second and third semesters to develop English language proficiency and academic literacy skills. Students will obtain a TOEFL-iBT score of 80 upon completion of the study abroad program.
  • Students’ English academic skills will be further strengthened and enhanced through academic writing courses during the sixth through eighth semesters at Soka University, including the Capstone Project.

3. Cross-cultural perspectives and communication skills

  • Students’ courses, beginning in the first semester, will focus on cross-cultural perspectives, strengthened by English communication skills that will be supported in the study abroad program.
  • International fieldwork opportunities at Open University of Malaysia will be provided for two weeks during Spring Break(s) as an elective.
  • Students will also choose one from seven languages, other than English, as the second foreign language to be studied. Non-Japanese students may choose Japanese.

4. Global awareness and desire to strive for peace and prosperity

  • Students will take foundational courses to learn the founding spirit of Soka University and Soka education.
  • Students will participate with and learn from national and global leaders through workshops, seminars and conferences. These leaders will provide real life experiences of their work in their respective fields, championing solutions to global issues.
  • Students will complete a Capstone project, in English, with a focus that contributes to the peace and prosperity of nations.

5. Critical thinking skills and creative problem solving from an interdisciplinary perspective

  • In Seminar I, offered during fifth semester, students will experience the perspectives of both generalists and specialists, offering varying perspectives around a particular social issue through joint sessions with other Seminar Groups. Students will experience interdisciplinary approaches first-hand and will participate in small group discussion and dialogue.
  • Seminars I, II, and III will promote interdisciplinary perspectives through cooperative activities and enhanced engagement of students.

Diploma Policy

To fulfill graduation requirements for The Faculty of International Liberal Arts students need:
  1. To acquire academic knowledge across three fields of study - History and Culture, Politics and International Relations and Economics and Business – that promotes analysis, synthesis and understanding of complex problems and issues;
  2. To attain English language proficiency which enables them to use academic materials, data, and information written in English, and to have the capability to be operational in English;
  3. To develop the ability to understand, communicate with, and strategically engage individuals from different cultural backgrounds and societies;
  4. To embody the founding principles of Soka University, deepening their global awareness and the capacity to contribute to the lives of others through their intelligence and knowledge of humanity, continually developing their potential; and
  5. To strengthen the ability to solve problems creatively, based on both their knowledge and skill in specialized discipline(s) and an interdisciplinary approach.