Soka University
Japanese Challenge Program
in Summer 2018

We have been offering short-term Japanese language and culture program to our partner universities in order to foster friendly relationships and strengthen our ties. We are now expanding this educational opportunity to those around the world who wish to learn about Japanese language and culture. Let’s challenge in Japan!

Program overview

The program aims to improve your communication skills through hands-on learning and integration of learning language and culture.

Furthermore, students will have opportunities to interact with Soka University’s Japanese students and other international students to practice daily conversations. The instructors are experienced Japanese language teachers. Please note that all lectures will be conducted in Japanese. However, we will provide English interpretation for the orientation session, reception and Opening Ceremony.

Japanese Language Learning
We offer classes for beginners. Students can start learning from Japanese basics, including self-introduction, greetings, listening, and basic conversations. The classes will promote interactive learning such as conducting interviews to Japanese students.

Japanese Culture Learning
Students will take classes in which they can experience Japanese culture, which includes wearing traditional Japanese kimono, listening and dancing to traditional Japanese music, experiencing Japanese matsuri, learning how to play the “koto” – a traditional Japanese instrument.

One-day Tour
Students will visit places in Tokyo where they can experience and learn about history, culture, and society of Japan. Please note that the tour schedule may change.
1. Program Dates:
Program I Program II
August 6 – August 20, 2018 August 13 – August 27, 2018
※Contents of Program I&Program II will be the same
2. Location:
Soka University
1-236 Tangi-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, Japan
3. Program Content and Schedule:
  プログラムⅠ プログラムII
Arrival at Japan August 6 (Mon) August 13 (Mon)

Soka University will provide a ride from the airport to the address below, where the program will be held.

1-236 Tangi-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo

Opening Ceremony/ Orientation/ Welcome Party August 7 (Tue) August 14 (Tue)

10:00 am          Opening Ceremony
10:45 am          Orientation
12:00 pm           Welcome Party

Japanese Language and Japan Culture Study Program August 8 (Wed) – 
August 17 (Fri)
August 15 (Wed) –
August 24 (Fri)
Japanese Language Classes 10:45 am – 2:35 pm
Japanese Traditional Culture Class 2 sessions 2 sessions
Tour in Tokyo August 16 ( Program I & II members)
Completion Ceremony and Farewell Party August 17 (Fri) August 24 (Fri)
Departure August 20 (Mon) August 27 (Mon)
9:30 am Depart from Soka University
Soka University will provide a ride to the airport. Please arrange your flight in the afternoon in order for you to have enough time to go on-board.
4. Completion Certificate
A certificate will be presented upon completion of the program.
5. Application Eligibility
1. Beginners of Japanese language
* Please note that this program will be conducted in only English and Japanese. All the Japanese class conducted in Japanese.
2. Those who can obtain short-term visa if it is necessary
3. 17 years or older
4. Those who can obtain traveler’s insurance (mandatory)
6. Number of Participants
15 students per program
* If the number of participants is less than 10 students, the program may be cancelled.
** In case the number of applicants exceeds the program capacity, the approval will be decided based on document screening.
7. Application Period
June 25, 2018 – July 6, 2018
8. Program Fees
120,000 JPY
Note: The program fees do not include fees for flights, travel other than the tour in Tokyo, daily meals, or health insurance.
9. Application Procedures
STEP ① Check the application information
Please thoroughly read and check the application information and prepare the data of the ID photograph and the passport.

STEP ② User registration for the Online Application
Please register from your computer/ smartphone/ tablet etc. to register your basic information. After your registration, MY PAGE will be created.
URL for Online Application
*Since we will continuously contact you through the e-mail you used for this registration, please register with an e-mail address you often use.

STEP ③ Apply from your MY ACCOUNT page
*Application menu will not be displayed until online applications are open.

STEP ④ Issue of application number
We will issue the application number for those who complete all the steps. This will complete the application.
*We will contact you through the “Contact Us” on the MY ACCOUNT if necessary.

STEP ⑤ Announcement of results
Results will be announced on July 11th via your MY ACCOUNT page.
Note: In case the number of applicants exceeds the program capacity, the approval will be decided based on document screening.

STEP ⑥ Payment 
Announcement of Results including the explanation for payment of the program fee through Credit card. Paying the program fee, 120,000 JPY, will complete your registration to this program. 
*PLEASE NOTE: Do not make a payment until you are accepted to the program.

STEP ⑦ Flight Ticket 
After announcing your result please prepare your flight ticket by yourself. Announcement of result including arrival information.
10. Visa
Soka University cannot provide assistance in getting a visa for the program. Before applying to the program, please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website whether the visa can be obtained by the program date.

*If the applicants cannot obtain a visa and cancel participation, cancellation fee will apply. Please check before you apply and before the payment, if you are able to apply for a visa.
11. Cancellation
After accepted to the program and payed your program fee, you can not receive refund for any reasons.
12. Precautions
  • The program content may have slight changes.
  • Program participants will need to buy a traveler’s insurance. Please submit a copy of the insurance before coming to Japan.
  • Please note that this program will be conducted in only English and Japanese.All the Japanese class conducted in Japanese.


Soka University
International Affairs Office
TEL: +81-42-691-8230
FAX: +81-42-691-9456
*Information provided for the application will be used only for the program and not any other purposes.