The Founding Spirit of Soka University (Digital Version) is now available to all current students and faculty staff in Japanese, English, and Chinese

The Ikeda Research Institute for Soka Education (IRISE) has published The Founding Spirit of Soka University, which contains speeches and lectures by founder Dr. Daisaku Ikeda. The digital smartphone and PC versions are available to current students and faculty staff on the portal site.
There are three languages available – Japanese, English, and Chinese. It is available for free and can be used for self-study about the university’s history. Please access it freely.
※The format in the third Japanese version and English-Chinese versions have been partially edited.
Publication History
The Founding Spirit of Soka University book that is being distributed to new enrolling students was first published in 2007, and further revised in 2014. It has then become a must-read book for all Soka University students. Since the university was selected for the Top Global University Project, the number of international students has increased, and as a publication project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of this university, the English version was completed in 2019. In March 2021, the Chinese version was also published. In addition to explanations of terms and source notations, a chronology of Soka Education and a biography of the founder were translated and published in a format that is easy to understand for international students. The digital edition of the English and Chinese versions has been distributed in advance on the campus portal site and is available to read for free.

In April 2022, the third edition of the Japanese version was completed, and the digital version was distributed on campus for the first time, with three languages (Japanese, English, and Chinese) available for reading and learning at any time. The third edition of the Japanese version additionally included the founder’s overseas academic speeches and his commemorative message for 50 years of Soka University, published in 2021.

This is only available to current students and faculty staff. Any unauthorized copying or distribution of the content to the public is prohibited. (Downloading of the content is unavailable)

User Guide
Download the application using a smartphone or tablet. For PCs, use a browser for viewing. Use the username and password provided by the university. Internet connection is needed.