IRISE launched its official Youtube Channel and Instagram!

IRISE’s Official Instagram Handle: soka_irise_official


This account was created to share the latest updates from the institute to a wider audience, including Soka University students.

The account will be frequently updated with information about the 1st International Symposium for Global Citizenship Education to be held in October this year and the latest updates on the institute.

The account’s posts are written in both Japanese and English, featuring various contents.
Please follow us on Instagram and we look forward to any suggestions and comments.

IRISE’s Official Youtube Channel – Soka University History Channel

Soka University’s history will be introduced here from a variety of angles. As part of learning about the university’s history, this channel is open exclusively to current students and university staff. The youtube video links are uploaded on the university’s portal site every month, including introductions to specific places of interest on campus, and the origin of past significant events and traditions. English subtitles are also made available.

We look forward to the comments and requests from students and faculty staff.