• Soka University Festival (Soudaisai)
October 8 開催中

Soka University Festival (Soudaisai)

October 8th (Sun), 9th (Mon)

Soka University, Soka Women's College

On October 8th (Sun) and 9th (Mon) , The 47th annual Soka University Festival, and 33rd annual Soka Women's College Festival will be held.  For both days exhibitions, food stands, and events will start from 9am and end at 8pm. ※ Important reminder! Each food stand will end when it sells out.

Beginning with international student organized「INTERNATIONAL CAFE」, where you can taste foods and cultures of countries and territories gathered from the 5 continents, All Soka University and Soka Women's College students will gather and organize this annual festival. Also, clubs and seminar organizations representing the languages, cultures, and international issues of the world, the 8 Faculties and 10 majors of the university will give presentations and hold exhibitions.

Other events: Sunday the 8th, 「The Opening Parade」will be held from Global Square to Ikeda Auditorium ※Please note due to inclement weather the time and place of the parade can change. Monday the 9th, 「The Closing Ceremony」 will be held at the Ikeda Auditorium. 
Please come and enjoy the festival

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