SIPS Roundtable: “Global Citizenship Education: Lessons from University Teaching”

On Wednesday, 10 November 2021, SIPS held a Faculty Development roundtable and discussion that focused on “Global Citizenship Education: Lessons from University Teaching”. The event was widely attended with numerous academic staff and students from around the university. During the first half, four SIPS faculty members (Profs. Luckhurst, Emmanuel, Edwards, and Popovski) shared their ideas on a number of topics on this issue in a roundtable. This was followed by a general discussion with members of the audience. Overall, we focused on how learning at the university level is adapting to meet new, changing realities, including the rapidly growing interconnectivity of peoples across the planet. Accordingly, Global Citizenship Education (GCE) represents one axis of how universities are striving to meet these challenges. Our discussions concentrated on how SIPS, as a part of Soka University, aims to train the global citizens of tomorrow. We would like to thank everyone who participated!


Event Organizers - Profs. Jonathan Luckhurst and Nikolas Emmanuel