Japanese Courses List

List of Subjects in Preparatory Japanese Language Program

  Spring Semester (April-July) Fall Semester (September-January)
Category Course Name Credit Type Course Name Credit Type
Japanese Japanese IA 5 Required Japanese IIA 5 Required
Japanese IB 1 Required Japanese IIB 1 Required
Japanese IC 2 Required Japanese IIC 2 Required
Japanese ID 3 Required Japanese IID 3 Required
Japanese Seminar I 1 Required Japanese Seminar II 1 Required
Introductory Kanji 1 Required Intermediate Kanji 1 Required
Japan Studies Japan Studies IA 2 Required Elective Japan Studies IIA 2 Required Elective
Japan Studies IB 2 Required Elective Japan Studies IIB 2 Required Elective
Japan Studies IC 2 Required Elective Japan Studies IIC 2 Elective
Japan Studies ID 2 Required Elective      
Foreign Language English I 1 Elective English II 1 Elective
Mathematics Mathematics I 1 Elective Mathematics II 1 Elective

Required Courses: 24 credits (Japanese Language Courses); Required Elective Courses 4 credits (Japan Studies Courses etc.)

Grades and Completion of the Program

Among the grades of S, A, B, C, D, and E, grades from S through D are passing grades and E is the failing grade.
Completion will be determined based on the student’s academic performance, behavior, and attendance.

Language Prerequisites

If a student is admitted under conditional acceptance, he/she will acquire the Japanese language ability necessary to understand the undergraduate courses taught in Japanese. It is desirable that students who have no experience studying Japanese study Hiragana and Katakana before arrival.