Q1. I do not have a passport and cannot upload my passport copy on my application.

If you do not have a passport, please apply for one as soon as we announce the application results.
Please do not forget to upload your passport copy (JPEG format) after you get it.

Q2. How do I pay for the program fee?

We will send you an email regarding the procedures on how to pay the program fee after the application results.
We will contact you through the "Contact Us" on the MY ACCOUNT, which will contain the explantions on payment by credit card.
Please make sure that the total amount is equal to Japanese Yen (JPY). All taxes are to be paid by the candidate.

Q3. What kind of visa is needed to travel to Japan?

(This answer varies based on your country) Since you will only stay in Japan for a short period, you will need to apply for a tourist visa. Please note that we are not responsible in applying for your visa, however, we may provide you with an acceptance letter IF NECESSARY. Please check your country embassy homepage for more information on your visa.

Q4. Will I get a refund/reimbursement if I do not attend the whole program?

No. We do not provide any discounts or any refunds for those arriving late/leaving early and/or if you prepare your own accomodation.

Q5. Can we travel during our free days/weekends?

Yes. You will be able to travel by yourself on free days, however, there will be a one-day trip day. We advise you to check the schedule (to be announced for the successful candidates) before planning anything else.

Q6. My flight will not make it to the bus pick-up time. What should I do?

Unfortunately, we only have one specified bus. You will have to come to the hotel on your own.

Q7. Can I extend my stay at Soka University?

Unfortunately, we do not allow anyone to stay at Soka University after the program. You will need to find your own accommodation.

Q8. Are there any cafeterias on campus?

There are 3 cafeterias on campus. They sell Lunch/Dinner which costs about 500 JPY, depending on what you order.