• Holding of the Academic Year 2016 “Welcome Party for Spring-term International Students”


Holding of the Academic Year 2016 “Welcome Party for Spring-term International Students”

    On April 8 (Friday), the academic year 2016 “Welcome Party for Spring-term International Students” was held at the New Prince Hall on campus where cherry blossoms, forsythia, and spiraea were in full bloom.
    A total of 265 international and exchange students from 32 countries and regions around the world, including Hunan Normal University, La Trobe University, George Mason University, and Nanyang Technological University, were wholeheartedly welcomed by President Yoshihisa Baba, International Director Masaru Osanai, and the faculty and staff of the International Affairs Office.

    President Baba greeted the students and said, “You’ve come from all over the world, and welcome to Soka University! We, as faculty and staff, will support you so that you can fulfill your purpose during your study abroad. I am sure that you will experience many things, as you come from various cultures. However, please understand one another with the awareness that we are all fellow human beings. During your time studying abroad, please study hard and make many friends. The educational purpose of Soka University is to foster creative individuals and global citizens. I pray that by the time you complete your studies here, you will all be closer, even a little, to being such creative individuals and global citizens.” This was followed by a Japanese-style cheers, saying kanpai, and after clinking glasses together, exciting conversation ensued.
    Cherry blossoms in full bloom welcomed the international students outside the New Prince Hall, which served as the venue. After the party, students took commemorative pictures in front of rows of cherry trees as they shared their goals for student life ahead.
    “I studied Japanese at Soka University three years ago as an exchange student. I was able to create many wonderful friendships during my six months of study. All the staff and faculty were kind, and I felt like I was part of a family. I then wanted to return to Soka University, as it simply felt like a place full of warmth. I was accepted for graduate school as a TESOL major and was able to return. I want to spend a fulfilling campus life while studying hard and having exchanges with many more people. (Male student from the United States)

    “I want to first study a year in the Preparatory Japanese Language Program and later join the undergraduate program, studying to my heart’s content. Baseball is popular in South Korea as well. I love baseball, so I want to be able to speak Japanese even a little as soon as possible and cheer for Soka University’s Baseball Team! I will do my best!” (Female student from South Korea)