• Soka University Students Win Gold Medal at the “2016 World Cheerleading Championships”


Soka University Students Win Gold Medal at the “2016 World Cheerleading Championships”

    Representing Japan, Masaki Matsuo and Koichi Omoto (both freshmen) of Soka University participated in the 2016 (International Cheer Union) World Cheerleading Championships held on April 21 and 22 (local time) in the state of Florida in the United States.

    The ICU World Cheerleading Championships was organized to develop and popularize the sport of dance worldwide. It is currently the largest world championships for cheerleading and dance, with a total of 30,000 participants from over 100 countries. Top cheerleaders and dancers gather from around the world at the ICU World Cheerleading Championships, which is an official annual international public competition where participants compete and share in each other’s efforts.

    Matsuo and Omoto participated as a team in the “Team Cheer – Hip Hop Doubles” category (18 countries competing) and won first prize (gold medal), which is a first for a team from Japan. In the “Team Cheer – Hip Hop” category in which the two also participated as part of Japan’s representative team (16 countries competing), the team won second prize (silver medal). The Japanese team also won second prize in the “Team Cheer Free Style Pom” and “Free Style Pom Doubles” categories. Competitors from other nations gave thunderous applause for the Japanese team, which gave a great overall performance in a competition that hosted competitors from around the world. Matsuo and Omoto shared that they gave it their all during their performance so as to repay their debt of gratitude for the many people that supported them. They also shared their determination to continue polishing their skills.
    The results (ranking) of each contest are as follows.

    Team Cheer – Hip Hop Doubles
    1 Japan
    2 Russia
    3 Puerto Rico

    Team Cheer Free Style Pom
    1 U.S.
    2 Japan
    3 Mexico

    Team Cheer – Hip Hop
    1 U.S.
    2 Japan
    3 Chinese Taipei

    Free Style Pom Doubles
    1 Mexico
    2 Japan
    3 Colombia

    The actual performances from the contest can be viewed below.