• Faculty of Education holds global seminar


Faculty of Education holds global seminar

    On June 1, Soka University’s Faculty of Education held its third annual global seminar with Dr. Edward Hoffman of New York’s Yeshiva University delivering a lecture on clinical psychology entitled “Peak Experience in Different Cultures.” Dr. Hoffman is a leading figure in Abraham Maslow’s self-actualization theory and lectures at numerous universities in Japan, including the University of Tokyo.

    In his lecture, Dr. Hoffman stated that an individual’s peak experience is crucial in order to achieve self-actualization, the drive or need to fulfill one’s potential that is universal to all people, according to Maslow. Based on his research conducted in various countries over the past ten years, Dr. Hoffman found that a majority of people tends to experience deeply moving and uplifting feelings through their engagement with others.

    More than 100 students, staff and faculty members attended the lecture, which was followed by an open discussion on education, counseling and individual wellbeing.

    The Faculty of Education held its first global seminar on May 18 with Dr. Barbara Drinck from Germany’s Leipzig University speaking on academic curricula to foster educators. The second seminar was held on May 24, when Prof. Paul Sherman from Canada’s Guelph Humber University lecturing on human happiness and global citizenship.