• World Language Center awards spring 2016 special membership status


World Language Center awards spring 2016 special membership status

    The World Language Center (WLC) offers many extracurricular activities related to foreign language learning. Located at the central academic tower learning center SPACe, the WLC offers various language programs such as the Chit Chat Club, where Japanese students can enjoy casual conversations with international students, as well as the English Forum, where they discuss social and international issues. Global Village is where students can come to practice ten languages such as Chinese, Spanish and Korean in addition to English.

    Recently, the WLC awarded students who exerted outstanding effort practicing their language skills by utilizing these programs. One student was awarded Platinum member status for completing 100 sessions (4,500 minutes of conversation), 17 students were awarded Gold member status for completing 60 sessions (2,700 minutes of conversation) and 81 students were awarded VIP status for completing 20 sessions (900 minutes of conversation.

    A law student who received a Platinum member status said that she started going to the WLC to master English, Chinese and Korean. She feels she is getting better at speaking those languages and hopes to learn other languages as well.