• Soka political scientist presents paper at international conference in Poland


Soka political scientist presents paper at international conference in Poland

    From July 23 to 28, the 24th International Political Science Association (IPSA) World Congress was held in Poznan, Poland, where Soka University Professor Ryusaku Yamada presented his paper.
    IPSA was founded under the auspices of UNESCO in 1949. The association aims to advance political science worldwide to create a global political science community in which all can participate. Most recently it has been extending its reach in Eastern Europe and Latin America. All told, 54 political science associations, including Japanese Political Science Association and the American Political Science Association, are members of IPSA, the largest association of its kind with more than 3,800 private members.

    The IPSA World Congress is held every other year. The theme for this year’s congress was politics in the world on inequality, with 3,300 researchers gathering in Poznan.

    Yamada’s paper presented his paper on July 27. Titled “What is ‘the Democratic’ in Feminist Political Theory?: Mouffe, Pateman, Young and Citizenship,” he compared Chantal Mouffe, Carol Pateman and Iris Marion Young, three prominent feminists. Chantal Mouffe is a prominent critic of deliberative democracy. On the other hand, Carol Pateman and Iris Marion Young are known critics of liberal democracy. Yamada analyzed feminists’ views on citizenship by comparing three political theories.

    He said that the main question of this paper was to discuss how do their notions of democracy differ in context. He tried to evaluate the relevance of Mouffe’s criticism of Pateman and Young through a comparison of their conceptions of democratic citizenship. By examining the cross-purposes of their arguments, he investigated what the “democratic” constitutes for each of them.