• Welcome Party for 2017 Fall Semester Incoming International Students


Welcome Party for 2017 Fall Semester Incoming International Students

     Soka University welcomed 165 new international students from 37 countries and territories, for the fall semester exchange program.
     First, there was an introduction of the professors from Professor Takagi, Director of The Japan Studies Center, followed by the introduction of international students from Professor Osanai, Dean of International Affairs. In the welcome speech given by Mr. Tashiro, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, he talked about the recent visit of H.E. Mr. Cheng Yonghua, Chinese Ambassador to Japan, whom he is also a graduate of Soka University. Mr. Tashiro’s speech as follows:
     “Welcome and thank you for coming to Soka University. The other day, Chinese Ambassador to Japan H.E. Mr. Cheng Yonghua visited Soka University. Ambassador Cheng is a graduate of Soka University and by visiting the memorable places on campus, he yearned of his days as a student. When the Ambassador entered the dormitory during that time, he was very surprised of the Japanese food culture. Even though, the other international students could not get used to the new culture, he did his best by trying to understand Japanese culture and Japanese people, starting with the food. As of now, as an ambassador trying to connect both countries by finding similarities and benefits, he said that he learned the attitude toward making effort at Soka University. Just as Ambassador Cheng, I would also like you all to have a fruitful and memorable time at Soka University.”
     Below are some voices from international students.
    • I am the first international student to study at Soka University from Sungkyunkwan University. I am very appreciative to all the faculty and staff for taking good care of me. I will do my best to learn many things at Soka University. (Korea, Female)
    • Since the first day in Japan, all the experiences have been very new to me. I have so much hope in the rest of my stay here. I heard that there are many opportunities to get together with other international and Japanese students. I am very excited to attend those events. I will actively pursue in studying and interacting. (China, Male)
    • I heard from my senior, who study abroad to Soka University, that this university is a great place to study. After one year of studying Japanese and seeing the positive outcome of my senior’s language ability, I too wanted to study here. I am very happy to be able to come here. (Cambodia, Female)
    • I wanted to experience different cultures and habits from the west and that is why I chose Japan to study abroad. I was able to come to Soka University because of the exchange program. Here I want to learn not just Japanese, but also different languages, cultures, and thoughts. To make it a great study abroad, I will first put effort into learning Japanese. (Germany, Male)