• 47th Soka Festival, 33rd Swan Festival was held on the 8th and 9th


47th Soka Festival, 33rd Swan Festival was held on the 8th and 9th

     On Saturday October 7th, the 「Soka Glory Meeting」was held at the university’s Ikeda Auditorium, opening the 47th Soka Festival and the 33rd Swan Festival. This year, the university was honored to have His Excellency former Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea and former President of Seoul National University, Dr. Lee Soo Sung, as the honorary guest speaker.
     At the first part of the Soka Glory Meeting, it opened with an opening movie performed by the Pioneer Wind Orchestra. Next, to show appreciation to the honorary guests, a welcoming slideshow with the song “Arirang” was shown. Following the slideshow, a Japanese Traditional dance performance, expressing the Japan-Korea friendship and a performance, “Culture of Peace” by Ichariba Chodays, was performed.
    Then after, a harmonious performance by the Soka Women’s College and Vocal Group, a marching performance by the Pride of Soka followed. After, a dance performance by the international students from over 30 countries and territories, who are the bridges of peace, presented their “Unity of Hope.”
     Then, 5 international students from Korea, China, America, Russia, and Italy gave a speech, each giving their determinations.
    “I want to continue on in society and contribute to the world with the same heart as the founder; which is to treasure each individual in front of us.” (Student from Korea)
    “I will do my best to establish a firm and harmonious relation of China and Japan by deepening communication and mutual understanding and become the golden bridge between the two countries.” (Student from China)
    “I would like to convey the courage and hope for the future through myself, here at this Soka Festival.” (Student from America)
    “I hope that exchanges and communication between students will be further enhanced and that the relationship between Russia and Japan strengthens.” (Student from Russia)
    “I will continue to challenge the daily tasks and overcome any hardships with the pride as a Soka University student, in order to become a leading researcher who will contribute to humankind.” (Student from Italy)
    Each giving their determination in Japanese, filling the auditorium with excitement.
     Followed by the chorus performance of the Soka University students and Vocal Group, the first part of the “Soka Glory Meeting” closed with the Soka University Student Song.
     After the student based performances of the first part, the second part of the “Soka Glory Meeting” opened with a welcoming address by President of Soka Women’s College, Mrs. Keiko Ishikawa, followed by introduction of Founder Dr. Daisaku Ikeda’s message to the students by Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Yasunori Tashiro.
     Then, honorary guest speaker Dr. Lee gave a speech, acknowledging the student performances. Looking back at the time when he first met the founder, he stated, “There is a saying that if you want to know a country’s future, look into its university. When a university, an intellectual and academic palace, is properly established and when the beautiful tradition and the ethical consciousness of the people settles in their daily life, society can truly develop. This is the correct flow of a society. I truly would like you all to be the light of hope that will take action for the happiness of others and yourself, the prosperity of society and world peace as Soka University’s principles seeks.”
     The next day, Sunday October 9th, the 47th Soka Festival and 33rd Swan Festival opened to the public starting with the opening ceremony. Around 15,000 people enjoyed food stands and exhibitions. Also, the popular “International Café” where international students and Japanese students create together, opened 9 stores from different countries and territories each selling cultural foods.
     The last day, Monday October 10th, ended with the “Closing Festival” and the “Grand Finale”. On the 10th, around 11,000 people came to the festival, and totaling the 2 days, around 26,000 people came to this year’s Soka Festival and Swan Festival.