• 2018 International Dormitory RA Formation Ceremony was held

New Superintendent of Manyo International Dormitory


2018 International Dormitory RA Formation Ceremony was held

The 2018 International Dormitory RA Formation Ceremony was held for newly appointed 67 RA (Resident Assistant) on Thursday, November 9th at Global Square, for Takiyama International Dormitory and Manyo International Dormitory, new dormitory opened this year in March. RA’s are student volunteer staff that live at the dormitory to support International students and Japanese students, while also managing the dormitory at the same time.

After the introduction of 2018 RA’s, there was an opening greeting from Dean of Student Affairs, Mr. Okutomi. Then, representative speeches were given by the new superintendent of Manyo International Dormitory Mizuki Saito (Faculty of International Liberal Arts・3rd year) and Takiyama International Dormitory Hideo Asano (Faculty of International Liberal Arts・3rd year).
Mizuki Saito stated, “Manyo International Dormitory students will grow into capable people who will lead Soka University and the world, by polishing our human nature through living together.”
Hideo Asano mentioned, “By holding discussions about the university history and the founder’s ideas with friends from around the world, we will aim to become a dormitory that will polish our wisdom, cheerfully work hard and encourage each other.”

Lastly, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mr. Tashiro gave closing words, looking back at the time he was an RA at the dormitory, talking about the first Chinese international students, and Ambassador of China Mr. Cheng Yonghua.
Mr. Tashiro said, “I believe the number of tasks you need to do will increase, but do not forget the spirit of ‘for others’ and support each other in the dormitory. Please take care and support the students in the dormitory.”