• Soka University Participates in “Go Global Japan Expo Progress Report Meeting”


Soka University Participates in “Go Global Japan Expo Progress Report Meeting”

    On December 10 (Sunday), the “Go Global Japan Expo Progress Report Meeting” took place at Meiji University, where Soka University participated as a “Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development” Type B (Faculty/school-specific) acceptance school.
    From FY 2012 to FY 2016, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has carried out the “Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development” for the development of the economic society with the aim of supporting universities, which establish educational structures to thoroughly strengthen and promote the internationalization of students.

    In the progress report meeting, 42 universities, accepted from across Japan, gathered to report on their progress in this project. A lecture, a seminar session, and a panel discussion also took place.
    In the third part of the program, after greetings by Soka University’s Vice President Ryohei Tanaka, a panel discussion was held with comedy duo Pack’n Mack’n and four alumni of the accepted universities, including Mr. Kanta Fujiwara, a Soka University alumnus. Under the title, “What’s ‘Important’ for Playing an Active Role on the Global Stage,” they discussed where they poured their energies into during their student days, including studying abroad, and how their course of study during their college years actually contributed to their lives in society.

    Mr. Fujiwara, who graduated from Soka University’s Faculty of Law and who works as a strategic consultant, stated that, through his studying abroad during his student days and through internship overseas, he was able to acquire the ability to “think” as well as gain “spiritual strength,” which helps him to continue to challenge himself when tackling questions that have no simple answers. He feels that what he gained is contributing to his current job, which requires him to continue to overcome and contemplate various challenging issues.

    In addition, Soka University set up a consultation booth in the session corner for poster displays and responded to questions from high school students and guardians concerning Soka University’s global education project, study abroad system, and its projects to support language education.

    Go Global Japan Expo Progress Report Meeting