• Holding of the Ryu-Tomo (Friends of International Students) Event


Holding of the Ryu-Tomo (Friends of International Students) Event

     On December 22 (Friday), the Ryu-Tomo Event, which is an exchange meeting between international students studying at Soka University from September and Japanese students, took place at the Central Education Tower "Global Square."

     Ryu-Tomo is the name given to a group of Soka University student volunteers that support international students in entering the university, including assistance in orientation events, procedures at city offices, and planning campus tours.
     On this day, a Christmas party was hosted in which friendship with international students was deepened through self-introductions and games.
    Ms. Aoi Meguro (sophomore, Faculty of Law), who plays an active role as a Ryu-Tomo member, said that she heard about Ryu-Tomo just when she began to embrace the desire to become friends with international students. As there are many international students on campus, she said that she wants to make friends from all over the world, using this precious opportunity on campus.
     Mr. Takayuki Kobayashi (sophomore, Faculty of Economics) shared that he learned the joy of life overseas and international exchange when he experienced a short-term study abroad program in the Philippines when he was a freshman. Ever since he has been actively participating in exchanges with international students as a Ryu-Tomo member.
     Mr. Alvarez Perez Leandro Miguel, who participated from the University of Havana, the Republic of Cuba, shared that he was able to spend a very joyful time of exchange and was very happy to have more opportunities to speak Japanese through his exchanges with the members of Ryu-Tomo. He shared his determination to continue studying hard to accomplish his dream to become an interpreter.