• 2017 Latter-term Completion Ceremony Held with 67 International Students from 18 Countries and Regions


2017 Latter-term Completion Ceremony Held with 67 International Students from 18 Countries and Regions

     On January 26 (Friday), a latter-term completion ceremony for 67 international Soka University student graduates from 18 countries and regions took place at the Discovery Hall in Central Education Tower "Global Square". Those attending included Soka University of America (SUA) trainees, Undergraduate Non-degree Program students, and exchange students from George Mason University of the United States, the University of Rennes of France, and the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam.
     At the ceremony, Board of Trustees Chair Yasunori Tashiro introduced a message from founder Dr. Daisaku Ikeda. In the message, the founder called out, “I am sure that great hardships lie ahead in your future because of your great mission. However, while emitting the light of hope of Soka, please open up a triumphant life of glory, with strength, wisdom, and cheer. Please also brightly illuminate the future of humankind.”
     Then, completion certificates were conferred upon the students, and this was followed by words from three representatives: Ms. Mun Jaun, an exchange student from Changwon National University; SUA trainee Ms. Nathalie Vanessa Rodriguez; and Ms. Bayley Marion Kie, an Undergraduate Non-degree Program student.
     Ms. Mun Jaun shared that many things happened in the past year. In particular, when she first came to Japan, every day was a challenge, as what was often a matter of course in her motherland was not the same in Japan. However, through it all, she was able to create memories with friends that she made at her dorm and on campus. She also shared that not only was she able to study during her exchange student days but was also able to have many experiences and to grow as a person.
     Ms. Nathalie Vanessa Rodriguez shared that, in the first week of arriving at Soka University, she could sense the passion of the teachers. Classes were conducted vigorously with high spirit. She also shared that even when the teachers could not understand what the students were saying, they would carefully listen to them. The teachers not only taught them lessons but taught them with heart. She shared that she is convinced that, as they taught with passion and vigor, the students could realize the greatness of the teachers at Soka University.
     Ms. Bayley Marion Kie shared that Soka education places emphasis on helping students create value and grow as human beings. Founder Dr. Ikeda teaches to possess dignity as human beings and to build friendships that can last a lifetime. Ms. Kie also said that she was able to not only learn about Japanese culture and language but also the importance of person to contribute to world peace.
     Each of these representatives gave a speech in Japanese, sharing their experiences, looking back at their exchange student lives at Soka University.
     Lastly, President Yoshihisa Baba shared that, through their exchange student life, each of them had the chance to explore their new self as they looked at themselves in a different environment from a bird’s-eye view. While they may not realize it at the present moment, there is no doubt that this experience will serve as a tremendous asset in their lives. He also shared his expectations that they continue to grow as global citizens that can create value.